With five ranked teams in the Big Ten, every week seems to have more intriguing matchups than the last. Unfortunately, the games this week look to be blowouts, as Ohio State continues its domination of the Big Ten in an attempt to record its first undefeated season since 1968.

No. 19 Minnesota (3-1 Big Ten, 7-1 overall) at No. 4 Ohio State (4-0, 9-0), 3:30 p.m., ABC: While Ohio State continues its trek toward the annual game against Michigan, the Buckeyes would be wise not to overlook Minnesota. The Gophers have not played anybody of consequence, yet they have been consistent in beating weaker opponents and not beating themselves. Now they get to try their hand against a clearly superior Ohio State team. The Buckeyes’ hopes for an undefeated season fall on the injured shoulders of Maurice Clarett, who is questionable for Saturday’s game with a stinger on his shoulder. But regardless of his status come Saturday, Ohio State should show Minnesota why it is one of the best teams in the nation.

Ohio State 31, Minnesota 14

Wisconsin (1-3, 6-3) at No. 10 Iowa (5-0, 8-1), 12:05 p.m., ESPN: Just because you can beat Michigan State doesn’t make you good. This is the lesson Iowa will be teaching this week as it takes Wisconsin to school. Coming off a 42-24 victory over the Spartans, the Badgers may have something going, but it doesn’t matter – whatever they had will be quashed by the highest scoring team in the Big Ten. Iowa’s Brad Banks, who has the third-best QB rating in the nation, will tear apart Wisconsin’s defense.

Iowa 38, Wisconsin 27

Illinois (2-2, 3-5) at No. 21 Penn State (2-3, 5-3), 3:30 p.m., ESPN: Last time Penn State lost a close contest, it won its next game 49-0. Now the Nittany Lions are coming off a 13-7 loss to Ohio State, and JoePa’s team once again has something to prove. Meanwhile, things could look better for Illinois. Last year’s Big Ten title gave the Illini high hopes for this year, and while they lead the Big Ten in passing yardage, they’re somehow only 2-2 in conference play. JoePa won’t have a reason to argue with the refs after this game.

Penn State 24, Illinois 14

Indiana (1-3, 3-5) at Northwestern (0-5, 2-7), 12:10 p.m., ESPN-Plus: The Northwestern defense has never been stellar, but this season it has been exceptionally bad. As is Big Ten tradition, the Wildcats scheduled four creampuffs to open the football season, and against these four teams allowed a mind-boggling 2,070 yards (517.5 per game). To top it off, they gave up 678 yards to Navy (1-7). Pity the Wildcats’ offensive coordinator – nowhere else in America could an offense average more than 41 points per contest and find himself with a 2-7 record. Maybe there are a few other teams in the Big Ten who should look at hiring him. Ahem. At any rate, this game will follow a familiar pattern: Northwestern will score a lot, and allow just a little more.

Indiana 45, Northwestern 38

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