The Wolverines get plenty of time to “get their mind right”
before games. During this time, many members of the team use music
to facilitate the process. Here is a look at what you would find in
some of the Wolverines’ CD players and the reasoning behind their

Courtney Morgan (Los Angeles) – Offensive lineman

“Tupac and Little John. For Tupac, (the albums) “Makaveli (The
Don Killuminati)” and “All Eyez on Me” and Lil John, the last
album, “Kings of Crunk.” Some people are more serious than others.
Grant Bowman doesn’t listen to rap … Baas listens to AC/DC. I
have to listen to music. Some people don’t listen to music, some
people do. (I listen) on the bus. If it is a road game, everyone
has head phones. If it’s a home game, (I listen) from the hotel to
the lockerroom. Coach Carr has to say a speech, but they give you
time to get your mind right and wear your headphones.

Jason Avant (Chicago) – Wide receiver

“I don’t get pumped up before the game. I don’t even really
listen to rap, to tell you the truth. I listen to more spiritual
music. That’s what I do. I don’t get pumped up before the game, I
just concentrate. I listen to the gospel music, like John P. Kee,
Kirk Franklin, Mississippi mass choir, that kind of thing. It gives
me the right mind to know that if I go out there and play hard, the
Lord is going to take care of the rest. I am a real spiritual
person, and I believe the Lord is going to see me through

Matt Guttierez (Concord, Calif.) – Quarterback

“I don’t listen to music before the game. Usually, I have a song
stuck in my head, but I try and stay calm. If I listen to
something, it is probably Al Green, something more mellow. That’s
what I used to listen to when I listened to music before the

Jeremy LeSueur (Holly Springs, Miss.) – Cornerback

“Lil John, East Side Boyz. Just something to get you pumped up
before the game. That’s the only thing I listen to, every

– Compiled by Jim Weber









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