Want to know what some of the Wolverines have in their CD players after games?

Markus Curry (Detroit) – Cornerback

“I like to listen to Tupac. That’s my main man, ever since I was little. (I listen to) ‘All Eyez on Me.’ I look at that, ‘All Eyez on Me,’ because when I’m out there at cornerback playing, it’s all eyes on me. That is my main song before we come out. I just listen to that song over and over. (I also listen to) ‘Hail Mary,’ ‘How Do You Want It’ … I can listen to Pac hype or the Pac that just makes you want to sit back and listen to him talk.”

Steve Breaston (North Braddock, Pa.) – Returner

“Right now, I’m listening to Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill. I usually don’t listen to music before or after the game, but today I am. Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill just happen to be in there.”

Garrett Rivas (Tampa, Fla.) – Kicker

“I made a CD a couple weeks ago and I just listen to that. It’s got a little rap and some country to calm my nerves. Once I get to the stadium though, it is all rap and hardcore. For rap, I’ve got Chingy and the song ‘Holliday Inn’ and Lil John and the East Side Boyz.”


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