Although a few administrators saw sizable raises this year, salaries for most of the University’s top brass grew less than those of the average faculty member over the last year.

According to the University salary record, released by the University’s human resources office last week, the average University faculty member received a 4.1 percent raise over the last year.

The average administrator received a 3.1-percent raise over the last year. The average academic dean saw a pay hike of 3.9 percent.

None of the University’s 19 academic deans got more than 4.3 percent, but three University administrators saw raises of more than 40 percent this year.

Douglas Strong, director and CEO of the University’s Hospitals and Health Systems, received a 40.4 percent raise, bringing his 2006-2007 salary to $490,000. It bumped him from fifth to third on the list of the University’s highest-paid employees.

Timothy Slottow, the University’s chief financial officer, makes 45.4 percent more than he did last year. That makes him the fourth highest-paid University employee.

And Erik Lundberg, the University’s chief investment officer, saw a 46.3 percent pay raise. Now making $426,500, Lundberg is fifth on the list of highest-paid employees.

University spokeswoman Julie Peterson said Slottow’s raise was an attempt to keep him at the University. He might otherwise have been lured away by a more lucrative offer from a private university or company, she said.

Otherwise, it was a largely conservative year for pay increases. Other than Slottow, the only University executive officer to earn a significant raise was University Vice President and Secretary Sally Churchill, whose pay jumped by 20.6 percent.

Non-academic employees of the University averaged raises of just 3 percent over last year — the lowest pay increase among all groups of University employees.

Top Ten Highest-Paid University Employees

1. Robert Kelch
Executive VP for Medical Affairs

2. Mary Sue Coleman
University President

3. Douglas Strong
Director and CEO, University Hospitals and Health Systems

4. Timothy Slottow
University CFO

5. Erik Lundberg
Chief Investment Officer

6. Robert Dolan
Dean, Ross School of Business

7. Bill Martin
Athletic Director

8. Zelda Geyer-Sylvia

9. Lloyd Carr
Head Football Coach

10. Teresa Sullivan

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