University Prof., poet and recent Guggenheim fellow Linda Gregerson will be reading from her work tonight at 5 p.m. in Davidson Hall. She has published several books including her most recent book of poems “Waterborne,” published in 2002. Her poems and essays have appeared in countless periodicals including The Atlantic Monthly, Poetry, and The Best American Poetry. Gregerson recently took the time to talk about her poetry with The Michigan Daily.

Todd Weiser

The Michigan Daily: How did you first start writing, poetry specifically?

Linda Gregerson: I started writing after I graduated from college, thanks to the intervention of a beloved friend, Stuart Freeburg, who taught writing. He said to me, “You’ve got to write!”

TMD: What poets have influenced you or do you most admire?

LG: Oh, there is a world of poets. Right now it’s a spectacular time for poetry in the country: Robert Haas, Jorie Graham, John Ashbery, Louise Gl

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