University Law School officials announced the launch of a joint institute earlier this week with an Indian law school to study issues surrounding financial regulation in both countries and around the world.

The Joint Centre for Global Corporate and Financial Law & Policy is being launched with the Jindal Global Law School in Delhi, India as part of an initiative for greater cooperation between the two schools.

The proposal, detailed in a memorandum of understanding, was signed by Evan Caminker, dean of the Michigan Law School, and C. Raj Kumar, dean and vice chancellor of Jindal Global Law School.

According to a press release issued by the University’s Law School on Monday, the memorandum of understanding “provides the framework for Michigan and Jindal to develop collaborative initiatives on faculty and student exchange programs, teaching and research initiatives, conferences and publications and continuing legal education programs.”

The Centre will be directed by Univeristy Law School Prof. Vikramaditya Khanna and Profs. Vivek Pande, Charles Maddox and Ajay Goyal of Jindal Global Law School.

According to Khanna, the long-term goal of the partnership is to gain a deeper understanding of legal issues in a global society.

“(The aim is) to enhance understanding of law and legal issues in India and obtain a deeper understanding of legal issues related to development and the role of the law in an increasingly heterogeneous society and world,” Khanna wrote in an e-mail interview.

The Centre will focus on research and legal policy analysis, while working to develop collaborative teaching and research, officials said.

According to the press release the centre will focus on studying “the regulation of financial markets and corporate governance in the United States, India, and other jurisdictions.”

“Michigan Law has a long and proud tradition of global law, and today, most areas of the law have international aspects,” Caminker said in a press release. “We look forward to working with O.P. Jindal Global University to establish new initiatives and exchanges of benefit to our students and faculty in this global context.”

Khanna said in the same press release that building relationships with Indian institutions is vital to the University because of India’s growing role in a global society.

“India is the world’s largest democracy, second most populous country, and one of the fastest growing economies,” Khanna wrote. “Studying legal issues related to India and the US is important and fascinating and helps to better understand the role of the law in a heterogeneous, fluid, and increasingly global environment.”

As a first step in this partnership, the Jindal Global Law School has invited Khanna to serve as a visiting professor this upcoming semester.

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