The University is at least one month behind in planning for the new residence hall set to replace the Frieze Building.

Originally, administrators had expected to recommend an architectural design firm for the proposed hall to the University Board of Regents at this month’s regents’ meeting on Dec. 16. But the job has proven more challenging than anticipated, and administrators said the University is still looking for an architect who can design the look of the building while accommodating the hall’s many aspects.

The new hall, part of a broad initiative to revitalize residential life, will combine housing suites totalling 500 students’ beds with academic offices so that upperclassmen can interact with professors from various departments.

An architect has not been selected because the new building has many uses, said Facilities and Operations spokeswoman Diane Brown. The building will incorporate both “residential and academic spaces” — offices and living suites. The architect will also have to preserve the fa

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