By Luke Smith

Paul Wong

Daily Arts Editor

University graduate Dr. Neal Cherian wasn’t needed on site in New York in the wake of Sept. 11. Cherian, a neurologist specializing in dizziness at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, felt the need to do something in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. “I thought, what could I do?” Cherian told The Michigan Daily.

Cherian teamed up with Patrick Conneen and New York area doctor John Bells to release We Stand As One World, available now through the trio’s website (www.westandasoneworld.org). Additionally, We Stand as One World will be available in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s record store.

“I wanted to do something meaningful, not self-serving,” Cherian said. Since his medical expertise wasn’t needed at ground zero, he turned to something he, Conneen and Bells all enjoyed: Music.

We Stand As One World is a two-disc compilation collection. The discs host a wide variety of musical influences, from rock, jazz and spoken word. The diverse tracklist includes songs from Paul Reed Smith with Dragons, Michael Sembello, the O’Jays, Yellowjackets and Michael Wolff & Impure Thoughts.

The songs for the album were selected based on content. “The song had to fit,” Cherian said, “stylistically, the concept of the CD is not patriotism, but America as part of the world.” Cherian pointed out that five of the album’s 32 tracks are from artists native to other countries. The international inclusion of artists reinforces the album’s theme of America as part of the world.

The two-disc compilation is available for $17.99, with no less than $13 being donated to Sept. 11 related charities. The primary recipient of these funds will be NYC ex-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s Twin Towers Fund. The Giuliani established charity seeks to assist and recognize the families and uniformed members of the city of New York who lost lives or loved ones in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Giuliani’s charity won’t be the sole beneficiary of sales from the album. “We can still give to other charities,” said Cherian, “but always a portion to Giuliani’s fund.”

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