At least Michigan beat Ohio State in something this weekend.

The University of Michigan broke a six-year run by Ohio State University this weekend, giving the most blood during this year’s Blood Battle competition.

Michigan donors gave 2,333 pints during the 18-day drive, compared to the 2,152 pints given by students at Ohio State.

“It’s just fantastic because with 2,333 pints, with each pint having the potential to save three lives, nearly 7,000 lives could be saved,” said LSA sophomore Mary Rock, one of the Blood Battle co-chairs. “It’s not just about beating OSU. I think Michigan students care, and it’s great that we can use a rivalry to do something so positive.”

During Saturday’s football game in Columbus, the four University of Michigan co-chairs sat in the stands together, proudly hoisting the trophy.

Rock said the students sitting around them in the Michigan cheering section told her they were happy with the school’s win in the Blood Battle because the football game went for the Buckeyes in blowout fashion.

Rock attributed the University’s win in the Blood Battle in part to an impressive turnout on the drive’s final day.

On Friday, the University of Michigan started with a lead of five pints. By the end of the day, the lead had grown by 176 pints.

Rock said the drive’s extensive informational postings and advertisements across campus contributed to Michigan’s win.

“The campus knew more about the Blood Battle this year, and people were really motivated by the fact that we had just barely lost last year by three pints,” Rock said. “This was a way to save lives and beat OSU when we haven’t been having the most wins overall so far this year.”

Before this year’s Blood Battle, the 27th one held, the schools were tied with 13 wins each. Michigan’s victory this year gives it the overall edge in the series.

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