Spring Commencement could still be held at Michigan Stadium, University officials said yesterday at a forum.

Students have been protesting the University’s announcement that it would hold graduation at Eastern Michigan University through online groups and letters since last week’s announcement.

The forum was held to give students the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and voice concerns about the plans, which the University has said were necessary because of ongoing construction of luxury boxes at the stadium.

After hearing the background behind the decision from University officials, students were given the floor to voice their frustrations, ask further questions and propose alternative options.

These options included holding the ceremony in the Diag, at Crisler Arena with overflow seating in Hill Auditorium or any other place on campus. Many students said they just wanted to be in Ann Arbor for their graduation.

EMU’s Rynearson Stadium, which is approximately 6.4 miles away from Michigan Stadium and holds 30,200 people, is far smaller than Michigan Stadium, which seats 107,501.

Michelle Pate, director of University and Development Events, said that the administration needed to gather more information on how feasible a Big House commencement would be.

Pate said that there are safety concerns because there might not be enough entry and exit portals. The number of portals would be reduced from 44, which is how many the stadium generally uses, to between four and six because of the construction, she said.

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