Have you ever wondered what really happens on campus during
spring break? If your answer is “Rabid ninjas from Michigan State
attack the school and possess innocent students and faculty,” you
might be playing student group Wolverine Soft’s new RPG, “Crisis
Wolverine: Insurrection Green.”

Todd Weiser
Courtesy of Wolverine Soft

The group’s decision to create a game based on Ann Arbor’s
campus is a stroke of brilliance. An old-school RPG alone wouldn’t
have been enough to attract the attention of gamers on campus, but
combined with a humorous look at student life, “CW:IG” is nearly

And yes, I did say “Rabid ninjas from Michigan State.” It all
starts when failed athlete and Markley resident, Trevor, is
attacked by a gang of Michigan State’s grunts. After being rescued
by the mysterious Johnny Foreshadow, he wakes up in his dorm (which
looks a lot like a dungeon) and heads down to the cafeteria, only
to find Bursley’s own Sexy Grandpa attacking him. After defeating
the obviously possessed Grandpa, Trevor slowly uncovers Michigan
State’s plan to summon Satan from inside the Big House. On his way,
he enlists the help of a few allies including Sage the Druggie,
John the Comp Sci Major, Adam the Frat Boy and others. All
characters have their own weapons, attack methods and special

The fighting system is primitive, but solid. You choose to
fight, flee, or rely on an “autobattle” method, and then to attack,
defend, use a special power, or use an item. After you have managed
all of your party members, the sparks fly. This turn-based fighting
continues until one party is left standing. If that party is yours,
you are rewarded with plenty of cash, experience points, and maybe
an item or two.

Unfortunately, this style of play becomes tiring, even with the
addition of new foes. What’s worse is that you eventually amass so
much booty from your battles that even the largest threats are of
little concern. At this point, winning the match is simply a matter
of hitting the space bar a number of times.

This is where the fantastic plot comes into play. “CW:IG” is a
true RPG in that it combines run-of-the-mill gameplay with a great
storyline that ultimately makes the game. No inside joke on this
campus has been overlooked (even North Campus folk get some of the

The characters are extremely well done as well. Players soon
warm up to the easy-going, yet properly motivated Trevor and the
drugged out, yet strangely ambitious Sage. Their role as University
students only helps to pull you further into the game, and even if
the gameplay gets boring, or the graphics fail to compare to
industry standards, you are still driven to uncover the fate of
your beloved group of students.

While “Crisis Wolverine: Insurrection Green” has little value to
the outside world, students with a few hours on their hands
shouldn’t miss this free download (www.crisiswolverine.com).
I can only hope that Wolverine Soft continues to come up with
creative ways to make their games worth playing.

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