Olivia Maynard

Incumbent, Democrat, Ann Arbor

‘U’ degrees: Graduated with a master’s
in social work in 1971.

Experience: Elected to the Board of Regents in 1996.
Current president of Planned Parenthood in Michigan; former chair
of the state Democratic party.


-Wants to create a new tuition model to make the University more
accessible to lower-income families.

-Supports the current admissions policy, but is open to minor

-Favors the capital campaign, Life Sciences Institute and
improvements to residence halls.

“I think that (lobbying in Lansing) has to be done in a
cooperative manner, not an adversarial manner.”


S. Martin Taylor

Incumbent, Democrat, Grosse Pointe Farms

Experience: Elected to the Board of Regents in 1996.
Currently works as an executive vice president of DTE Energy Co.
Former director of the state Department of Labor.


-Supports the current admissions policy. Says the University
should focus on minority outreach to increase minority

-Wants to keep tuition as low as possible and make the
University accessible to people of all income levels.

-Regents should lobby the governor and state Legislature to
reverse the attitude that the University is fiscally wasteful and
can afford severe appropriations cuts.

“We need to change the dialogue in the state. … It
almost now seems as though in Lansing, higher education is sort of
the bad guy.”


Patrick Anderson

Republican, East Lansing

‘U’ degrees: Graduated with a political
science degree in 1981, master’s of public policy in

Experience: Founder of consulting firm Anderson Economic
Group LCC. Served as deputy budget director for the state of
Michigan under former Gov. John Engler and chief of staff for
former Secretary of State Candice Miller.


-Regents should be more aggressive in publicly challenging the
governor and state Legislature on budget appropriations.

-Regents should put the admissions policy to a public vote. The
current regents made a mistake in not putting the race-conscious
LSA point system to a vote, allowing the University to spend
millions defending it in court. Incumbents say the board had a
public vote.

-Wants to work with the faculty to create a more rigorous
undergraduate core curriculum.

“The regents should be more active and should be less
beholden to the governor and the legislature.”


Carl Meyers

Republican, Dearborn

‘U’ degrees: Graduated from Dearborn campus
with a business administration degree in 1979.

Experience: Senior vice president of investments at
Raymond James and Associates. Has worked on fundraising campaigns
for the University.


-Rework current admissions policy. Meyers says the application
is too difficult to fill out, especially for lower-income students,
whose parents might not be as educated as those of other

-Believes regents should lobby the governor and state
legislature more aggressively.

-University should cut waste and be more disciplined with


Nathaniel Damren

Green, Ann Arbor

‘U’ degrees: Currently a senior in LSA,
majoring in history and French.

Experience: Works as a dishwasher in the Alice Lloyd
cafeteria. Co-chair of the Huron Valley Green Party.


-Favors increasing in-state tuition to the level of out-of-state
tuition in order to increase grants for lower-income students.

-Wants to establish the position of student regent on the Board
of Regents, following the example of the University of Iowa, except
elected by University students instead of appointed.

-Supports organizing rights for lecturers and graduate students;
wants to mandate equal pay for faculty at the Dearborn and Flint

“I would love for the attitude to change in Lansing.
… However, I think we need to entertain the notion that
things might not change.”

“This new admissions policy is a debacle. … The
document needs to be streamlined; it needs to be


James Lewis Hudler

Libertarian, Chelsea

‘U’ degrees: Graduated with a bachelor of
science degree in 1979.

Experience: Works as a clinical laboratory scientist at
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. Founded, and now advises, U-M College


-Wants to privatize the University.

-Seeks to end affirmative action and other forms of
race-conscious admissions.

-Would pursue partnerships with corporations for funding.

“If we say we’re the Harvard of the Midwest —
if we really want to be that — the University should be


Joe Sanger

U.S. Taxpayers, Lansing

‘U’ degrees: Graduated with a degree in
economics in 1958 and an MBA in 1966.

Experience: Self-employed accountant. Treasurer of state
U.S. Taxpayers Party and Pro-Life Michigan.


-Wants to replace the University president and end affirmative

-Would eliminate tenure, prohibit teaching by graduate students
and require full-time professors to teach 30 hours per week.

-Proposes to eliminate multiculturalism.

“I will sell the University of Michigan to the highest

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