Chicago has been well represented in the hip-hop business this year. It began with Common adding to his already prestigious reputation by releasing the inspirational Be. Kanye West showed us more of his true skill as he released the hard-hitting Late Registration. Both artists took hip hop to higher places with new ideas and consistent talent. Now, in comes another storm through the Chi, flying at high speeds: not surprisingly, it’s Twista.

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Just by looking at the album cover and booklet, you expect to be taken down the hard road of a rap star’s extravagant life. He starts hard with an intro and continues with creative collaborations from everyone in the biz: He brings reggaeton with Pitbull, hard East Coast with Lil’ Kim, smooth West Coast with Snoop Dogg and even Dirty South rap with Juvenile. Seems like a pretty good album, right? Well – yes and no. Even with a newfound respect from his contemporaries and confidence in his skill, Twista still doesn’t represent his home as powerfully as his peers. After establishing himself as world’s fastest rapper and turning the rap game upside down with Kamikaze, Twista returns with The Day After, which is, unfortunately, a sloppy misfire of an album.

The Day After brings new style and flavor to Twista’s name, but isn’t really a step up from Kamikaze, the album that proved he could really rap. There’s no real message coming from his latest album

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