When a store on a fairly busy street can tape up a piece of paper with the words “back in 5” on the front entrance, you know that it could do with a little more traffic.

Paul Wong

Maybe it”s because they don”t really have their sign up yet, or that it”s sandwiched between the Campus Jewelers and Kayu Musical Instruments of the World. Regardless, Twiggy has been open there since mid-November.

Twiggy sells women”s designer clothing and accessories. You can find labels like Jane Doe, Syrup, To the Max, Dollhouse, Tag Rag and Kosiuko. And you can expect prices to match the labels. Purses sell for about $40 to $60, jeans are around $50 to $60 and the leather items are mostly over $100. Even sale items still seem to hover over $80.

“It”s pricey but I”m always up for any new store in Ann Arbor. It seems like stores around here only sell outdoor gear like tents and fleeces. And Briarwood Mall is too far away anyway,” said LSA junior Amanda Williams.

The co-owners of Twiggy, one a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, decided that Ann Arbor would be a great place to open a store.

Twiggy is located where SchoolKids record store used to operate before it closed. Rodney Johnson, a co-owner and Joy Hanna, an employee, agree that the store brings something different to Ann Arbor.

“Twiggy brings a unique style. There was a lack of variety in the clothing stores here. Twiggy is there to fill the gap.” Rodney said.

Lindsay Weiss, an LSA freshman, likes the new store. “Yeah, it”s kinda expensive like the leather stuff, but the clothes are nice. We needed something like this Ann Arbor. Too bad it”s winter.” Weiss says.

This isn”t really a store you”d hit to stock up on everyday basics but rather where you”d pick a shirt or two for a specific event or outing. Unless you have enough coordination and time in the mornings to zip up knee high boots, you could wear this stuff everyday.

Although they carry sizes 0-13, the clothes hanging on the racks seem very slim. Fitted shirts, summer dresses, highneck sweaters and big glimmery belts can be found here.

It”s the kind of delicate clothing you don”t want to touch too much in fear of tearing or smudging. And it”s the kind of store that lays out fashion magazines on the table near the fitting room. Get the idea? It”s nice.

If you really need designer women”s clothing (and don”t mind paying a lot for it) and are nearly the size of a twig, then do find Twiggy at 535 East Liberty Street.

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