More Cox – As the hit show “Friends” gradually approaches
its TV departure, its stars are searching for ways to preserve
their spot in the limelight. Courtney Cox Arquette’s new design
series, “Mix It Up,” premiered this week on the Women’s
Entertainment Channel. The show features young couples and
roommates struggling to mesh two very different design styles into
one bearable living environment. The idea stems from Arquette’s own
design woe experiences after moving in with husband David

The Show Must Go On – According to ABC, the hit comedy “8
Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” will return to
production following the untimely death of John Ritter, the show’s
main character. The first episode post Ritter, entitled “Goodbye,”
will air Nov. 4th, and will focus on the family dealing with the
death of John’s on screen character. Details of the show’s story
haven’t been revealed, but TV veteran James Garner will join the
cast as Cate’s father, who comes to live with the family to help
his daughter and grandchildren. Suzanne Pleshette will also appear
as Garner’s estranged wife in the first episode.

NBC Lowers The “Boom” – Critical acclaim apparently isn’t
enough for NBC’s sophomore drama “Boomtown” as it was yanked
unexpectedly from its Friday timeslot. The Futon Critic reports
that the show is indefinitely on hiatus. “Boomtown” was already
seen as problematic to NBC as the network had previously halted the
production in the middle of a planned two-part story arch for
sweeps. How NBC can renew such a promising show and treat it so
horribly in its second year is completely inexcusable and hopefully
the series manages to see the light of day again.

Whatcha Talkin’ ‘Bout WB? – If the washed out has-beens
of the first season of “Surreal Life” were not enough, The
Hollywood Reporter announced that the WB is about to bring back
more starving out-of-work nobodies. The embarrassment for the
network and the D-list celebrities will continue with Gary Coleman,
fresh off his gubernatorial campaign, headlining a cast of losers
and playing the part of the ’80s sitcom midget. Rounding out the
cast of “stars” is Vanilla Ice, Erik Estrada, porn star Ron Jeremy,
Tammy Faye (formerly Baker) and Trichelle of the “Real World: Las
Vegas.” The announcement of “Surreal Life 2” serves as further
proof to the destruction of American popular culture.

Must See No More – Congratulations to “Coupling.” The
edgy new sitcom has become one of the first shows yanked from the
schedule this season, before some others have even begun airing.
Hailed as NBC’s heir to “Friends,” “Coupling” was not a ratings
gold mine as hoped. It has now been replaced with reruns of
“Whoopi.” While the superior British version continues to air
Sundays at 11:30 p.m. on PBS, viewers will have to wait until after
the November sweeps period to see the American version again. The
outlook does not seem good, but there is a chance that “Coupling”
could return. Until then, it stays in NBC’s sitcom purgatory next
to “Emeril” and “Jesse.”

Would You Like To Buy A Lawsuit? – Pat Sajak spun the
wheel and lost. Last week Will Wright, who won $48,000 in 2000,
sued Vanna White’s sidekick for $2 million, according to Allegedly Sajak jumped into Wright’s arms while
wrapping his legs around him. Wright claims the display, which
wasn’t aired, caused a herniated disk and resulted in back surgery.
Sony isn’t commenting on the suit.

You Don’t Have To Pay For “Sex” – Fans of “Sex and The
City” too poor to pay for HBO over the past five seasons will
finally be able to catch up on the promiscuous lives of their four
favorite Manhattanites. According to MSN news, TBS will host Carrie
and her friends next year after the episodes are edited and
shortened to allow for commercial interruptions. But will the Emmy
award-winning show be as popular without all the sex?

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