‘Apprentice’ works well for NBC

Julie Pannuto
(Courtesy of NBC)
Julie Pannuto
Who is actually wearing the wig? (Courtesy of NBC)

The finale of the hit reality TV series “The
Apprentice” was the top-rated show this week. According to
the Nielsen ratings, Donald Trump and company kicked the CBS hit
“C.S.I.” out of the top spot, winning by large margins
in all demographics. The dramatic conclusion, which featured Bill
Rancic defeating Kwame Jackson and getting to hear Trump utter
“You’re hired,” garnered a 17.1 rating, an
impressive number before May sweeps. Who would have thought that
the toupée-wearing Trump would have become so popular?


Bravo ‘Eye’s women in spinoff

Bravo is again reaching into its bag of tricks to produce a
spin-off of its popular program “Queer Eye for the Straight
Guy.” Scheduled for 13 episodes starting next year, the
network is hoping to follow up on its recent success with the Fab
Five, only this time remaking women. According to Bravo, a new team
of gay stylists will attempt to turn Los Angeles women from
“drab to fab” in the new show, titled “Queer Eye
for the Straight Girl.” As if there was something wrong with
flannel shirts.


Back in the Kitchen with ‘Restaurant’

“The Restaurant” — the NBC reality show
following chef Rocco DiSpirito’s New York restaurant —
came back on April 19 after a six-month hiatus. According to NBC,
DiSpirito will spend most of this season in a battle for control of
the restaurant with his financier Jeffery Chodorow, who thinks
DiSpirito is incompetent. Legal battle aside, the real
entertainment will be head chef Mama DiSpirito and the rest of the
quirky employees. With Mama making the meatballs and fighting
amongst the chefs and waitstaff, “The Restaurant” is
sure to be cooking up something good once again.


WB looks for new ‘Superstar’

Continuing the never-ending search for a singing sensation, the
WB will unveil its latest reality show this May. “The
WB’s Superstar USA” will look for a performer based on
hard work and dedication, not singing talent. According to
thefutoncritic.com, the summer show will get progressively more
ridiculous until the finale, when the winner will receive a
recording contract and a starring role in a TV series. As if one
William Hung wasn’t enough …


Divas Unite

Jessica Simpson was excited to perform in VH1’s
“Divas 2004” concert on Sunday, reported Zap2it.com.
Joining names like Patti Labelle, Cindi Lauper and Gladys Knight,
the reality TV star can’t believe she has come so far. After
months of witnessing her acting prowess, the newlywed is back on
stage where she belongs, singing rather than attempting to form
sentences. “This is amazing for me — I’ve always
wanted to be a diva,” Simpson commented.

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