WASHINGTON (AP) — In a major setback to U.S. efforts to
attract military help in Iraq, a Turkish official said yesterday
his country won’t send peacekeeping troops without a
significant change in the situation there. That makes it virtually
certain the United States will have to send thousands more U.S.
reservists early next year.

Kate Green
A U.S. Army soldier stops a car outside the “Green Zone” in central Baghdad after mortars were fired into the area yesterday, hitting the headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation, wounding three.

No additional countries have contributed forces in Iraq since
the United Nations Security Council approved a new resolution last
month. Bush administration officials had hoped the U.N. action
would persuade reluctant allies to send more forces. Turkey had
been the best hope.

In Baghdad, insurgents struck yesterday at the center of the
U.S.-led occupation, firing mortars after sundown at the heavily
guarded district that includes major American facilities. Three
people were wounded, the Pentagon said.

Spain, a close U.S. ally, withdrew many of its diplomats because
of escalating violence.

Huge explosions thundered throughout central Baghdad about 7:45
p.m. as the insurgents targeted the 2-square-mile “Green
Zone,” which includes coalition headquarters, the military
press center and other key facilities.

At the Pentagon, Lt. Col. Jim Cassella said three people were
wounded in the attacks but it was unclear if they were military or

Turkey’s ambassador to the United States, Osman Faruk
Logoglu, said his country will not send troops without an explicit
invitation from the U.S.-appointed Iraqi Governing Council —
some of whose members have vigorously opposed the idea.

The ambassador said it was up to the Americans to press the
Iraqi council to make the invitation — a move he said the
United States appears unwilling to make.

“We felt that the Coalition Provisional Authority and also
officials here in Washington could have probably persuaded the
Iraqi Governing Council earlier on this issue,” Logoglu





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