Despite high expectations, rumors of Brad Pitt’s bottom and a twinkling, star-filled cast, Troy manages to fall somewhat flat of legendary summer blockbuster status. Any Classics student who goes to see this film is bound to be amazed at the way writers managed to twist and tangle Homer’s immortal story into 2.5 hours of Greek and Trojan battles that sadly don’t measure up to Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Important plot points that are needed to cement the Trojan War’s vast scale are ignored; according to this version of the tale, the legendary ten-year war shrinks to fifteen days. Numerous scenes are concluded (no doubt from lack of a better ending) with Brad Pitt’s Achilles staring off into space, like an actor from a soap opera.

Although no one can deny the overall attractiveness of the cast — Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and an exceedingly lovely Diane Kruger in the role of Helen- there are moments in the film when everyone in the theater (including those who know the story) stare at each other and go “Huh?” The costumes are well designed and look authentic, but the nose-guards of the overbearing metal helmets often disguise the identity of the person who just killed the other person. This, in a film meant to display the prowess (physical and artistic) of its actors, is not beneficial.

Character development is minimal in this movie, but unfortunately the film relies on its characters for plot. Many viewers may be confused by Achilles’ seeming Jekyll/Hyde transformation and by Helen’s true personality. The most critical and emotional moments of the film seem two-dimensional, one-sided, lost among the mix of battle-scenes and insipid dialogue.

In spite of its failings, Troy still managed to sweep the box offices in its first week. But who cares about plot and character development when you’ve got thousands of men in leather skirts killing each other with spears, gigantic wooden horses and the crumbling of empires?

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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