Giving its members a first-hand perspective on a future vote the
Michigan Student Assembly held its weekly meeting at the William H.
Trotter House last night.

The Trotter House, a student multicultural center, is in need of
renovations such as handicap accessibility and storm windows.

Next week, the representatives will vote on whether to place a
question on the March MSA election ballot asking students if they
are willing to add $2 dollars to their student fees for the Trotter
House restoration.

“I have felt some appreciation for this building since I
was a freshman,” LSA senior Vanessa Sanchez said.
“Student organizations especially minority organizations, use
this space for a lot of events.”

The assembly had an intense discussion on MSA involvement with
the Trotter House renovation project, talking about whether the
center’s administration had attempted to raise money for
their building on their own.

The Trotter House has made many efforts to raise money but they
need some assistance from the University administration to be able
to adequately fund their project, MSA Vice President Monique Perry

Companies have attempted to donate to the center, but their
contributions were not utilized for the renovations and instead
were directed towards scholarships, MSA Rep. Deirdre Shelton

Another issue raised was why students are funding the
renovations of the Trotter House rather than the University, which
asserts a dedication to diversity. “It is our job as the
student government to tell the administration what they are doing
wrong,” said MSA Communications Committee Chair Rachel

The assembly also voted to amend the Student Code concerning
MSA’s committees and commissions and the distribution of
funds to student groups.

An addition to the code was that committees and commissions will
now require applications for membership every semester.

In regards to funding, student groups will not be allocated
money to pay Festifall or Winterfest registration fees, or to pay
for T-shirts or newspaper advertisements.

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