here are several ways to see this movie:

Drew Philp

1. Get really high and go to the State.

2. Get really drunk and go to the State.

3. Get really nerdy and go to the State.

I opted for number three (sorry, Mom), regardless it’s an exciting time for us geeks. The “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” film is here, and true to its strange television foundation, nothing makes sense. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

For everybody else, let’s play catch-up: “ATHF” is not about water, teens or hunger. Instead, the show follows the exploits of three living, breathing – and cussing – food items. There’s Frylock, a floating head of French fries; Master Shake, an ambling milkshake with a propensity for doing some truly fucked up shit (hint: sometime involves a flamethrower); and, lastly, the adorable Meatwad, a singing, dancing, slightly mentally challenged meatball.

The so-called Aqua Teens came to late-night television in 2000 as part of Cartoon Network’s somewhat subversive Adult Swim, a grab-bag program on which the show’s complete lack of effort to even attempt a cohesive plot wouldn’t be held against it. Our three edible heroes aim to achieve little else in life but the pursuit of happiness and the occasional obscure villain.

The ATHF assemble a rock concert to pick up chicks. They create a work-out machine. They battle space aliens, watermelon and a robotic chicken. Hell, they even listen to Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight.” In the true spirit of the surrealist show, the ATHF are masters of the non sequitur, gleefully moving from one sensational moment to the next with no explanations needed.

And that’s the only real problem with their big-screen debut: “Aqua Teen” may find itself hard-pressed to impress the uninitiated. The charm of the 10-minute show is its fast-paced, oddball ingenuity and, like most TV-to-movie translations, the small-scale stories are almost impossible to expand into 90 minutes without significant loss of momentum. “ATHF’s” brand of awkward comedy becomes a little daunting when overextended, and the recurring joke that it’s all a self-conscious movie with heavy musical cues and big-budget effects gets old quickly.

Nonetheless, diehard fans trounced into the theater as if it was Christmas morning and Santa had promised them a Playstation. With a strong cult following already intact, this is one of those movies where most people likely know whether or not they love it before they see it – but that still doesn’t change the fact that this is entertainment at its weirdest.

Three stars out of five

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