Cameron Crowe gave us “Almost Famous” and “Jerry Maguire.” He knows how to do cinematic moments that transcend genre — they’re downright majestic. If the trailer for “We Bought a Zoo” is any indication, he has not lost his touch.

We Bought a Zoo

20th Century Fox

Matt Damon (“True Grit”) plays Benjamin Mee, a single father who doubts himself as a parent, prompting him to uproot his two children, quit his job and completely start over. New house. New opportunity. New life. Or so he thinks. Mee soon discovers he has accidentally purchased a zoo.

It’s a midlife crisis and a love story set against the backdrop of lions, zebras and bears. Though the holiday film season typically gets divided between serious Oscar contenders and feel-good family fare, sometimes a movie comes along that can be both. With Crowe at the wheel we may be in store for one of those rare gems of a story, the kind that reminds us why we take crazy chances in the first place.

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