Does Zack Snyder live in a green screen? The dude best known for injecting pure testosterone into the movies with “300” gets his estrogen on in the new trailer for his latest CGI-fest, but one wonders if he’s ever really ventured outside of his own movie studio. Hey Zack, the fresh air’s good for you, ya know.

“Sucker Punch”

Warner Bros.

“Sucker Punch” promises to be a pastiche of every “imagination is the only escape” movie ever made, only with 50 percent more find-this-thing quests and fire-breathing dragons. Emily Browning (remember her from “The Uninvited”? No?) goes crazy and gets thrown in some sort of maximum-security lady asylum, where she leads a cast of attractive lasses in a rip-roaring fantasy adventure that may or may not exist entirely in their minds as a means of coping with their own soul-crushing realities. Snyder and co-writer Steve Shibuya are grappling with some pretty dark stuff here. Well, directing “Watchmen” will do that to you.

It’s unclear at this point how exactly the film’s computerized color palette of oranges and browns will distinguish itself from the crowd, but at the very least “Sucker Punch” should inspire some kinky cosplay at next year’s Comic-Con.

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