With Leighton Meester shedding her “Gossip Girl” image for a starring role as a psychotic cohabitant, “The Roommate” promises to make even the worst roomie situation seem idyllic. However, it remains to be seen whether this dramatic thriller will live up to the hype or be relegated to the ranks of slasher flicks-turned-box office flops.

“The Roommate”

Screen Gems

Sara (Minka Kelly, “Friday Night Lights”) is the oh-so-necessary bombshell protagonist in a film that seems to be bursting with the ideal amount of perfect hair, girly screams, murderous shower scenes and gore that has defined a generation of college thrillers (think “Sorority Row”). All this and more are compliments of Rebecca (Meester), the weirdo with no friends and a suspicious pill dependency that (shocker) may end up being the catalyst behind her fall from sanity and subsequent violent spree — which, if the trailer is accurate, assure plenty of nasty college-themed bloodshed.

This type of film not only seems familiar, but is so predictable it’s funny. Yet the theaters will probably still be packed on opening weekend with 15- to 25-year-old date-nighters set to soak in some gore and dream about their past, present or future college days. And who knows … maybe if the script is original enough, they just might see a decent slasher movie in the process.

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