The new trailer for “The Lincoln Lawyer,” based on a Michael Connelly book, is none too subtle about the morality of its protagonist. Want to know how he got his name? He gets chauffeured around L.A. in a shiny black Lincoln paid for with bribes from his clients. Oh, and the license plate reads “NTGUILTY.” A sleazy lawyer? In Hollywood? Well, I never.

The Lincoln Lawyer


But the biggest giveaway to the Lincoln Lawyer’s shady underpinnings may be that he’s being played by Matthew McConaughey (“Fool’s Gold”). One glance upon McConaughey’s carefully permed locks, one gaze into his inexplicably glistening face (glistening with acting intensity, of course) and you’ll know: This dude means business. He’s totally the kind of guy who could pass the California bar exam … with extreme prejudice. And having him star alongside Marisa Tomei (“The Wrestler”) can only mean one thing: Somebody’s gettin’ nekkid.

Where this preview does win restraint points is in the closing seconds, when McConaughey pulls out a gun from his suit’s breast pocket, then locks eyes with Ryan Phillipe (“Stop-Loss”). No actual gunshots nor loud noises necessary. If after this promising moment, “Lincoln Lawyer” still ends up being the cheesiest legal thriller ever, I’ll sue.

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