First off, let’s begin with an equivocation: The trailer for “The Double” is not entirely a waste of precious minutes of your life. There are some strong performances here, not only from Richard Gere (“Brooklyn’s Finest”), who shares the film’s top line with Topher Grace (“Predators”), but also from Martin Sheen (“Apocalypse Now”) and Stephen Moyer (TV’s “True Blood”). The trailer’s groundwork hints at a taut, if by-the-numbers thriller that in any other context would probably be suspenseful.

“The Double”

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Gere plays a retired CIA operative who spent his career chasing a Soviet assassin code-named Cassius. Grace is an FBI agent investigating a murder that features all of Cassius’s evil-Soviet-secret-agent trademarks. Naturally, they’ve got to work together to find Cassius and neutralize him.

But then the trailer loses it, and starts defecating plot details like a dysentery-ridden traveler in a third-world country. Halfway through, we learn that Gere’s character was actually the assassin all along, morphing into a crazy evil maniac! Grace starts laying it on super thick with the whole “I WAS BETRAYED!” angle, etc, etc., etc. Maybe there’ll be a twist where Gere isn’t actually a turncoat. Or maybe the director wants us to focus on the chase between Cassius and his former bosses. But sadly, there’s no reason to spend $10 to find out.

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