From the trailer, “Casa de mi Padre” seems to be a one-joke movie: Will Ferrell speaks Spanish. But this joke, which is ostensibly supposed to sustain the entire film, gets tired by the end of the trailer.

Casa de mi Padre


“Casa de mi Padre,” which appears to be a parody of telenovelas, stars Ferrell as a Mexican rancher who, in trying to save his father’s ranch, becomes embroiled in a war with Mexico’s most powerful drug lord.

The trailer frames the movie as a successful foreign film finally being released here, saying “the biggest international motion picture of all time is coming to America.” It even gives Ferrell an “introducing” credit, pronouncing his name with a heavy Spanish accent. It seems every joke in the movie relies on Ferrell pretending to be Hispanic, which seems like a risky bet, especially for such a highly anticipated movie.

The trailer promises much over-the-top action and ironic melodrama, but little else. The movie is peopled with some great Hispanic actors, but if the trailer is any indication, “Casa de mi Padre” is a movie that looks a lot funnier on paper than it will on screen.

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