It has been a good few years for muscle-bound action stars. “Fast Five” reminded audiences that a good dosage of Dwayne Johnson can rejuvenate a tired franchise — and make you excited for even more sequels — follow Johnson on Twitter for stills of him throwing people into tables during the production of “Fast Six.” That’s called giving the people what they want. Sylvester Stallone’s revival-action parody “The Expendables” delighted audiences with its cheeky, manly hodgepodge of creaking heroes. Long story short, we are living in the P90x age of cinema.

Bullet to the Head

Warner Bros

Enter “Bullet to the Head,” Stallone’s latest. Apparently Stallone is a bounty hunter with two rules: “No women, no children” — gee, he’s a moralist. His daughter is kidnapped by a ponytailed Jason Momoa, and he teams up with the Sung Kang to go “Man on Fire” all over the mercs. Highlights include seeing a 66-year-old Stallone shirtless (ladies … ), and Momoa fighting Stallone with axes (“What are we, Vikings?”).

If you’re into bad movies, this could be the sort of fix needed until “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” comes back from 3D-adding purgatory.

Yo, Adrian!

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