Sept. 27 was the 20th anniversary of the NC-17 rating (otherwise known in the film industry as the “kiss of death”), and the Motion Picture Association of America couldn’t let the occasion pass without damning at least one movie to box-office hell. Enter “Blue Valentine,” this year’s breakout indie darling, showered with praise at Sundance and Cannes and poised to rack up considerable awards. Too bad it contains a sex scene apparently among the filthiest ever committed to celluloid.

“Blue Valentine”

Weinstein Company

Sorry, perverts, but you won’t find any hints of the scene — or suggestions of the film’s rating — in the latest trailer. Instead, Ryan Gosling serenades Michelle Williams with a guitar and warbly voice as a montage of peaceful images featuring the two flashes across the screen. It’s pleasant to hear and look at, but there’s only the slightest hint of conflict between them considering the emotional meltdown of their marriage is the crux of the film.

Gosling and Williams are two of the finest actors out there, so let’s hope this latest domesticity-in-crisis drama doesn’t turn into this year’s “Revolutionary Road.” The promising buzz says otherwise, though the MPAA seems to have scared the trailer out of any edge.

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