With swishing cloaks, glimpses of beheadings and ominous music that crescendos as the trailer reaches fever pitch, director Roland Emmerich’s “Anonymous” promises to be a thrilling, if a touch cerebral, film about the conspiracies surrounding William Shakespeare’s writings in the 16th century. Emmerich, known for disaster-epics such as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Independence Day,” is taking a step outside of his comfort zone to deliver what looks to be a richly layered film to delight English majors and conspiracy lovers alike — the idea that one of the most recognizable “geniuses” in literary history was a fraud is enough to make hearts race and, at the very least, encourage us to question what we have been told. Eerie and captivating, the trailer teases with just the right amount of intrigue. Hopefully the film pans out as well.



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