Ratings woes aside, the latest installment of “Traffic Light” proves why FOX should keep this show around. In “Kiss Me Kate,” Adam (Nelson Franklin) begrudgingly finds a job for Callie’s sister Kate (Kathryn Hahn, “Anchorman”) at his office, and Ethan (Kris Marshall) saves Lisa (Liza Lapira) from a drowning accident.

Traffic Light

Season 1
“Kiss Me Kate”

As has come to be expected, a serious storyline on “Traffic Light” quickly becomes lovely banter between old buddies. Mike (David Denman) feels indebted to Ethan for saving his wife’s life, swearing he’ll give up anything to repay him. All Ethan desires is the ping-pong championship T-shirt Mike “unfairly” won back in college. Yes, this does lead to arguments regarding glory days and undeserved honor, and yes, the writers continue to do an excellent job at revealing the ever-present adolescent lingering beneath the surface of all adults.

There’s also a love triangle — hence the episode’s title, “Kiss Me Kate” — between Adam’s boss Kev (Rob Huebel, “I Love You, Man”), Ethan and the titular Kate. If such traditional rom-com fare seems out of place among such awesomely casual characters, that’s because it is — but fortunately, the show stays light and breezy. It continues to deliver smart, deadpan humor, stemming from onscreen chemistry between the actors and a script that reminds viewers just how much fun it can be to hang with good pals.

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