This November, when you are lining up at the polls and casting your vote for the U.S. President, the University’s chapter of College Republicans wants you to make the most informed decision possible. At a chaotic time in our nation’s history, a Republican president would stand strong in supporting the war against terrorism, protecting our country’s sovereignty, promoting economic growth with fiscal responsibility and encouraging environmental sustainability.

A nation’s government is responsible for ensuring the safety of its people. The Republican Party reaffirms its commitment to providing candidates that are strong on national security and knowledgeable in foreign policy. Americans have seen the impact that terrorism has had on our nation, and a Republican president will not allow the world’s tyrannical leaders obtain dangerous weapons. As voters, we must support candidates who will make every effort to protect our nation from future threats. It is not a coincidence that America has been attack-free the past six-and-a-half years. A Republican president will act as commander in chief of the U.S. military and make appropriate decisions in an effort to guarantee the safety of America.

The Republican Party prides itself on making every effort to protect American freedom and national sovereignty. A Republican president would ensure that America does not lose its self-governance to the United Nations. Although the UN can serve as a valuable medium of dialogue and discussion among nations and a mediator for world humanitarian issues, the Republican Party understands that this organization does not hold supreme power over countries. In addition, America should not fall victim to the UN’s system of reliance on disproportionate U.S. funding. A Republican president would stand strong in these beliefs about the UN and American sovereignty.

Furthermore, as students who will soon be entering the work force, the economic future of our nation is a key issue in the upcoming election. A strong economy is encouraged by lower taxes, fewer onerous regulations and promoting investments. A Republican president will be committed to keeping Americans’ hard-earned money in their pockets through low taxes. The impact of free trade and free markets promotes economic growth and job creation. The economy will benefit from a system that is pro-growth and pro-investment. Coupled with the importance of a pro-growth economy is keeping the federal government from wastefully spending tax dollars and adding excessive earmarks to legislation. A Republican president will push for innovation within our economy in order to encourage job growth for the new generation.

In order to sustain economic growth, a Republican president will support new technology that increases fuel efficiency and use of energy. This can be done through tax credits that encourage emission-free energy sources. A Republican president understands that the increased dependency on foreign oil is a problem for Americans. He will do everything in his power to explore resources already available in America to minimize our environmental impact. These efforts in advancing innovative energy sources will also lead to increased job creation for Americans.

The November election will have a huge impact on the future of this country. A Republican in the White House will tackle impending national issues with confidence and conviction. He will pledge to protect the sanctity of marriage, promote ethical reform in government and strengthen the border. It is time that the Americans unite around a candidate. So, as you stand in line at the polls, think to yourself, as the Clinton campaign all keeps asking us to: “Who do I really want answering the phone in the White House at 3 a.m.?”

This viewpoint is written on behalf of the University’s chapter of the College Republicans

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