Democrats have a lot to be excited about – not just one, but two candidates with the energy and enthusiasm to bring about the change our country needs. They are being thoroughly tested by a rigorous primary, yet they continue to prove themselves ready to lead as president.

The Republicans have finally chosen their candidate, while the Democratic Party remains engaged in an inspiring, albeit grueling, battle between two historic candidates. Despite this internal debate, the Democratic candidates share the same general values. With this in mind, I believe that the Democratic Party will produce the best president, regardless of whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is nominated.

Each Democratic candidate believes that people who are struggling in this economy deserve better. Whether it is through tax breaks for the poor and middle class, putting more resources into revitalizing poor areas, providing affordable health care or working to create new job opportunities, the Democratic candidates will fight for Americans. The next president will likely inherit a troubled economy, but Democrats are ready to make sure that a safety net exists to protect those who suffer a financial catastrophe.

Every Democratic candidate has proposed bold steps to reduce the cost of a college education, an investment that will expand our economy and promote new opportunities. To succeed in our economy, it is becoming increasingly necessary to obtain a college degree, a fact that Democrats recognize. Investing in our universities is a necessary step towards protecting the American Dream so that Americans have a chance to better themselves through hard work, regardless of their parents’ social class.

The Democratic Party is committed to ensuring the equality of every American regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Either Clinton or Obama will fight hard to make sure that all Americans receive fair pay. Their records in these areas demonstrate their commitment. They share the belief that all loving couples are entitled to the same rights, including the right to a civil union, regardless of their sexual orientation.

A Democratic administration will also fight to protect the environment. Under Clinton or Obama, combating global climate change will be a major priority. Both will emphasize drastically reducing American dependence on fossil fuels, which would fight global warming and increase our energy independence. Their initiatives will invest millions of dollars into clean energy resources, creating thousands of jobs.

In foreign policy, Democrats will pursue smart, diplomatic solutions that create allies and increase global security. Clinton and Obama have committed to significantly reducing troop levels in Iraq. The remaining troops would primarily be there to train, making sure that Iraqi forces are ready to take over the security of their country. A Democratic president will engage regional leaders to foster security in the region. This would guarantee Iraqi sovereignty and involve its neighbors in the reconstruction process.

The time has come to restore America’s international reputation, which has been tarnished during the past eight years. This effort begins in impoverished countries, where Democratic candidates will devote substantial resources to fighting poverty. Their initiatives would provide numerous benefits, including increased access to education and medicine, proving that America is not just out for its own interests. America is a powerful member of the international community, and it understands the responsibility that that entails.

As this primary season draws to a close, voters will choose one candidate of these two qualified candidates. While both parties have a platform which unites them, the Democratic Party is best for students, America, and frankly, the world. The Democratic platform will create jobs, raise living standards, protect the environment and promote a smart foreign policy. Americans want to see their country meet the new challenges of the 21st century and emerge successful. They want to live in a better world. For these reasons, vote Democratic in November, regardless of whom that Democrat is.

This viewpoint is written on behalf of the University’s chapter of the College Democrats

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