This Sunday will be the 44th anniversary of the day that Canada adopted the Maple Leaf flag. What are your plans for honoring that country on that day? A themed party? Traveling north? Watching CBC?

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Carly Benson of the women’s basketball team plays against Wisconsin at Crisler Arena on Sunday, February 1st 2008. Michigan won the game 70-42.

Didn’t think so.

But if celebrating Canadian heritage is something that strikes your fancy, perhaps you should consider attending the Michigan women’s basketball game against Minnesota.

Senior Stephany Skrba and junior Krista Phillips, both native Canadians, will be playing at Crisler Arena this Sunday.

Still not sold on coming?

Well, how about the fact that this Sunday is probably the last chance you’ll have to watch the Wolverines play this year? Their only remaining home game is during Spring Break.

And trust me, despite its 10-14 record, this is a talented team that you’ll want to see play. Michigan has beaten two top-25 teams this year and nearly toppled a third. Each game, it seems like another player comes out of the woodwork for Michigan.

Will freshman Courtney Boylan drop 18 like she did against Kentucky? Is freshman Carmen Reynolds going to follow up her 20-point performance against Penn State with something equally thrilling? How many threes will senior Carly Benson hit?

You might think, why do I care about the Golden Gophers?

Wolverine point guard Jessica Minnfield will be taking on her counterpart in Minnesota’s point guard Emily Fox. Minnfield, Michigan’s starting court general, will have her hands full with Fox’s quickness. Not only is Fox a WNBA prospect, but she also holds the world record in cup stacking, which is actually a real sport. Confused? Check out or just come Sunday. If you heckle her enough, maybe she’ll show you.

Are you intrigued yet?

Consider the fact that Michigan coach Kevin Borseth is the most animated coach in the Big Ten. Each game, he paces up and down the sideline shouting at the players, refs and assistant coaches — sometimes even turning his head toward the heavens.

But you’ve got to hand it to him. He knows what he’s doing. In the past 18 years, teams he has coached have been to 17 postseason tournaments. He knows what it takes to turn a mediocre program into a championship contender. Even John Wooden didn’t turn UCLA into a basketball powerhouse overnight.

Still not convinced?

This Sunday’s game is the Wolverines’ Pink Zone Game. The Pink Zone Game is part of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s initiative to raise breast cancer awareness and support.

The Wolverines are working towards earning $20,000 for the University of Michigan Women’s Health Program. At this Sunday’s game, “Pink Zone” T-shirts will be sold for $10, and everyone at the game wearing pink will be entered in a raffle to win prizes. The players will even wear pink uniforms, which will be auctioned off during the game.

What else are you doing on Sunday?

Between the Canadians, Borseth, the show of talent and the charitable cause of this game, you have no reason not to be there. So, on Sunday, trade in your homework for a ticket, your maize and blue for pink, and even if you’re not Canadian, consider celebrating at Crisler. Eh?

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