From family-oriented morals taught
endearingly by fish big and small, literal and figurative, to
swashbuckling buccaneers and the mighty British fleet, the
cinematic struggle of 2003 was settled on the high seas. On the
independent side, documentaries also triumphed. The brutally
intense world of spelling bees was revealed truthfully and the
scandalous unraveling of a family showed truth is sometimes not so
evident. The pages of classic comics were, once again, brought to
life in both splendid and blind adaptations. Ultimately, though,
the year was conclusive: It witnessed the closure of this
generation’s grandest sagas amid a sea of rehashes. Prophets
foresaw the salvation of Zion, but failed to predict the apathetic
reaction to a crippled conclusion. By destroying the One Ring and
returning peace to the lands of Middle Earth, the Fellowship
prevented complete trilogy disappointment and in the process capped
off a year worth remembering. The Daily Film staff presents its
lists of the top 10 films of 2003.

Kate Green

— Zach Mabee, Todd Weiser and Adam Rottenberg

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