5.  Tom Hanks being funny — With Tommy turning
all serious on us in the ’90s, the days of
“Dragnet” and “Big” are long gone. Still,
next week’s release of “The Ladykillers” looks to
prove Hanks hasn’t lost his funny bone.

Laura Wong
(Courtesy of Comedy Central)

4.  “House of Bush, House of Saud” by Craig
— In his latest book, Variety reporter Unger
investigates Saudi involvement in Sept. 11 and details the
Bush-sponsored flights of many prominent Saudis and bin Laden
family members out of the U.S. days after the attacks.

3.  “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood
— Thanks to “Chappelle’s
Show,” Eddie Murphy’s brother can finally step out of
his sibling’s shadow (or should I say darkness). Not only did
the sketch create a new catchphrase (“I’m Rick James,
bitch”) but it also brings a message (“Cocaine’s
a helluva drug”).

2.  Electric Light Orchestra, “Mr. Blue Sky”
— Originally released in 1977, ELO’s
Beatles-influenced romp around a sunny day has reached an entire
new audience playing over the trailer for Jim Carrey’s
“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Twenty-seven
years later it’s still a theatrical, fun epic.

1.  The return of “The Shield” and
“South Park”
— New episodes of “The
Sopranos” get all the press, but FX and Comedy Central own
the two best shows on TV. Vic Mackey busts your chops and your
bones every Tuesday night, and “South Park” takes on
anime´ in its premiere tonight before turning to “The
Passion of the Easter Bunny” later in the season.

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