5. Eddie Izzard in Detroit – Can you ever get enough of
cross-dressing, surrealist stand-up comedians? Yemeni-Brit Izzard
and his “Sexie Tour” come to Detroit’s Music Hall this

Janna Hutz
Courtesy of HBO

4. The Like – “(So I’ll Sit Here) Waiting” – Comprised of
three high school-attending girls, the Like and their minimalist
approach may seem amateur but their simple playing produces
earnest, catchy gems. The three cuties can now be found on the
soundtrack to the motion picture “Thirteen.”

3. Anna Farris in “Lost in Translation” – While Bill
Murray and Scarlett Johansson deservedly get most of the attention,
this “Scary Movie” actress rewards second and third viewings with
her delicious send-up of dumb American actresses (read: Cameron

2. “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” trailer
The best movie of the year thus far – “Kill Bill.” The second
best movie of 2003 – this trailer. See it at

1. HBO Sunday Nights – While the ratings have taken a
hit, “Carnivale” impresses as the most cinematic TV production in
history and Steven Soderbergh’s “K Street” is so absurd and
difficult on viewers that it must be good.



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