Britney Spears: candidate for Mensa. Not that anyone is surprised by this. Regardless, on Monday, New York-based auction house Christie’s put a hand-written book review of Rex Warner’s translation of the Greek tragedy “Antigone” up for auction. The essay, which is taken from Spears’s junior high school notebook, also includes teacher comments and a wealth of spelling errors. Thank goodness she doesn’t write all her own lyrics.


Watch out, Hollywood – the furry-feeted Middle Earth dwellers are back. Peter Jackson, director of the wildly successful “Lord of the Rings” series, has been hired to direct the anticipated prequel, “The Hobbit,” also to be released by New Line Cinema. Jackson, who was previously involved in disputes with the studio over royalties, was reportedly fired last week and then rehired. Tolkienites everywhere are sure to rejoice. Let’s just be thankful Orlando Bloom won’t reprise any role that requires a blond wig.


Since its release, hosts of websites warning users of the Nintendo Wii’s destructive tendencies have cropped up. One such site,, claims that innocent television sets are being destroyed when overzealous players lose their grip on the wireless remote, causing it to smash into their unsuspecting televisions. Photos of Wii-related television injuries, like softball-sized holes, are posted on the sites. A safety strap is attached to the remote to prevent this kind of accident, but many users claim that during intense game play if the remote goes flying, the wrist strap snaps and goes with it.


As if the Bush Administration’s antics weren’t amusing enough on their own, Comedy Central has picked up six episodes of “Lil’ Bush,” a cartoon featuring elementary-school versions of the Prez, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and even the First Lady. The show was originally developed as a series of five-minute clips from wireless provider Amp’d Mobile, who has licensed the episodes to the network. The show’s writer/producer Donick Cary is no stranger to animation, either – his resum

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