Jessica Boullion
TOP: Scarlett Johansson in “Match Point.” BOTTOM: Steve-O in “Jackass Two.” (Courtesy of Dreamworks/MTV)
Jessica Boullion

One of the biggest ratings stunts ever has thankfully come to an end. “Survivor” desegregated its cast after just three episodes. The teams are no longer split up by race and two large teams have been formed, which means the show, now in its 13th season, officially has nothing going for it. With the racial experiment over, the cast is now its usual blended mess of dirty, stinky egomaniacs. All is right with the world. While it’s still not clear why executives decided to put the cast back together, most likely they realized it was a stupid stunt to get ratings they didn’t need.
As if you needed another excuse to watch “CSI,” the fashion industry has picked up on the advertising potential of television’s No. 1 show. Meet Edoc Laundry, a small company that merges interactive games and storytelling with alternative clothing. Their slogan? “Fashion meets entertainment.” It may sound outlandish, but on second look, it’s a stroke of marketing genius. Edoc Laundry has created a line of clothes embedded with hidden messages that unlock episodes in a video story that customers can watch on the Internet. Next week, the clothing will be featured on an episode of “CSI: NY” where the murder victims are all linked by similar Edoc T-shirts with hidden messages.


Considering how hard she tries to downplay her gorgeous exterior, Scarlett Johansson just can’t seem to keep her curves out of the spotlight. First Isaac Mizrahi is fondling her breast, then she’s telling the media she would like to deemphasize her sexuality. Too bad, Ms. Johansson – Esquire named her the Sexiest Woman Alive in their November issue, which hits the stands Oct. 18. In the article that will surely take a backseat to the provocative photo spread it accompanies, the young starlet reportedly mentions, once again, that she wishes that some other parts of her body (like her brain) would get as much press as her chest.
The reviews for “Jackass 2” have been unbelievably positive. Rolling Stone gave it four stars, and a recent TV spot began with the words, “Guess what just got two thumbs up?” But apparently not everyone is thrilled about the latest gross-out flick from MTV’s overgrown hellions. A theater owner in Illinois shut down his business for two weeks to avoid showing the newest “Jackass” endeavor on his screens. The owner, Greg Boardman, claims he wasn’t trying to send Hollywood a message about producing idiotic movies. He simply didn’t need the money and felt he would be wasting his facilities on a (literally) shitty movie. Sadly, Boardman’s theater is in the middle of a farming town of 6,000 people, many of whom were angry that one of their main sources of entertainment was closed.
Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz were reportedly set to appear together “A Little Game of No Consequence,” a remake of a French film about a couple who fake their breakup only to find out that their friends never thought their union was a good idea in the first place. Unfortunately, both actors have apparently bailed on the project. The last time these two worked together was on 1994’s “The Mask,” and the fun and funny chemistry between them had been buzzed about for some time now. Though filming was set to begin this month, the duo both admitted they were unhappy with the storyline. Whether “A Little Game” will be canned altogether or will be recast is unknown.

Fine Arts

If you’ve run out of causes to support, consider the fact that 42 percent of the world’s population lacks access to toilets and proper sanitation. The German Toilet Organisation is apparently well aware of this fact, and has seen fit to pepper the city of Zurich with life-size, orange street-art statues of men squatting with their pants down. Some of the figures are out in the open while others are hidden behind bushes and dumpsters. The orange men are also supplemented with signs that ask, “Where will you hide?” So get out there, and fight for the right to take a crap in peace.


It really is true: adopting babies is the new black. Sub-Saharan orphans are currently more popular among A-listers than Kabbalah bracelets and Rachel Zoe combined. The clich

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