So, it’s not a funny paper this year. It’s the same old news, the same old stories. Sure, we took the time to say our goodbyes and even indulged some of our need for schmaltzy nostalgia. But that’s it.

Angela Cesere

We promise.

Not that we didn’t want to take this one last opportunity to say what we’ve wanted to say for the past four years. To write the headlines we’ve always wanted to write. To settle a few scores, give a few shout outs – maybe drop an f-bomb or two.

But we held back.

“Fuck it,” we said, “We shall rise above the antics of year’s past, and put out a paper whose beauty lies not in humor of the poop and fart variety, but in journalism of the highest order.”

We say goodbye on that note, having completed our time at the Daily. We thank the University that we served. We thank our readers. And we wish those that follow us the best of luck as they write the next chapter in a tradition now 114 years old.


Thanks for everything

— Class of 2005




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