Students with a hankering for Tim Hortons coffee will soon have another place to satiate their craving beyond the Big House concession stands.

According to Tim Hortons officials, the coffee chain will open its doors to a new shop on Thursday in the first level of the Landmark luxury apartment complex on South University Avenue, offering a full menu complete with coffee, breakfast and lunch items.

Joel Brown — the director of asset management at American Campus Communities, which owns Landmark — wrote in an e-mail that the build-out for the Tim Hortons’s location is still in progress and it will be positioned inside the Landmark building, opening directly onto South University.

With the 7-Eleven in the building opening last weekend, Tim Hortons will be the next in a series of businesses in the Landmark building, including No Thai! and a World of Beer, both of which are expected to open this spring, according to Brown.

Students living in Landmark have expressed mixed feelings about the opening.

LSA sophomore Tony Barron, a resident of Landmark, spoke positively of the store.

“I’m extremely excited because it’s going to be a lot more convenient to grab coffee on the way to class,” Barron said. “When I’m hungry, food is right in my building, so it’s awesome.”

Barron mentioned that he typically purchases coffee at the nearby Espresso Royale on South University, but will definitely be switching to Tim Hortons after the opening.

“Tim Hortons may not be as good as Espresso Royale, but because it’s more convenient for me as a resident of Landmark … I’ll definitely be going there,” Barron said.

LSA junior, Myles Barkoff, a fellow Landmark resident disagrees.

“Tim Hortons is like a poor man’s Dunkin’ Donuts,” Barkoff said. “I want Dunkin’ Donuts.”

Employees at popular coffee shops in the South University neighborhood did not express anxiety that the opening of Tim Hortons opening would trigger their own workplaces to lose much business.

Alexis Cook, a barista at Espresso Royale, argued that the contrast in atmosphere between chain coffee shops and small businesses creates a separation in playing field for business competition.

“Big chains are big chains, and people will go either way,” she said.

The quirks and coziness of smaller businesses like Espresso Royale attract loyal customers and a regular clientele, she added.

“People who enjoy this kind of experience will keep coming,” she said.

Justin Hood, manager of the Starbucks location on South University, demonstrated a similar confidence on the matter.

“Ever since (Landmark) opened, we’ve been really busy,” he explained, “And I don’t foresee any lost business.”

In reference to already regular Starbucks consumers, he reasoned that the growing popularity of the Starbucks rewards program create incentive for customers to remain loyal.

“I don’t think (Tim Hortons) is really going to impact us,” he said.

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