Thugs Are Us, Trick Daddy Atlantic Records

Paul Wong
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For example, I cannot rate a Master P record with comparison to a Roots album, as fans know that they cover opposite sides of the rap spectrum. Seeing as I am a true fan and I appreciate ALL kinds of rap music, I have devised a seperate rating system for each genre of hip-hop, so then there will be no discrepancy or comparison when I give Mos Def a B+ and I give Silkk The Shocker something along the lines of, … oh, I don”t know … an F-, maybe?

Liberty City native Trick Daddy”s third full-length album, Thugs are Us, falls under the “Dirty South” music category. Like most of the rappers hailing from Georgia on down, Daddy Dollars has both the southern drawl accompanying his flow, and the slow-pounding beats that properly accent any system with substantial low end capabilities. The lyrical content of the album is not surprisingly non-prolific … it essentially covers being a thug, drinking, smoking dank, and fucking (perhaps I should move to Florida. What am I doing here?) Partner in crime Trina makes numerous appearances on the record. Fans should recognize her from Trick Daddy”s very first single sensation “Nann.”

Honestly, 90 percent of the track”s appeal comes from the production. It”s getting nice and warm outside, and for that reason, tracks like the album”s current single “Take It To The House,” using a sample of KC and The Sunshine Band, will compliment the springtime weather nicely. The first track, “I”m a Thug,” tries entirely too hard to capitalize on something that Jay-Z accomplished with his “Hard Knock Life.”

The rest of the album maintains the general sound that is synonymous with his genre of music nothing very special or outlandish here.

I am not a huge fan of Trick Daddy”s music, as he along with most of the Southern rap artists simply don”t appeal to my tastes.

However, this album serves it”s purpose well, and is not altogether deplorable. Sure, if I were cruising in my little red Focus with the windows down on a day like last Sunday, I may very well be inclined to shove it into the deck and go down bottom for just a moment! It”s not for everyone, but pick it up if it”s for you.

Grade: B-

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