You don’t have to be around the Breaston boys very long
before you realize that Steve is much different than his older
brothers. But the other thing you will pick up is how important
those brothers are to Michigan’s punt returner. They serve as
a support network for Steve. He uses each brother differently, and
each one is always there to offer his help and advice whenever
needed. A look at the three wise brothers.

Janna Hutz
(From left to right) David, Michael, Steve and Brian may not all have the same personalities, but whenever the Breaston brothers get together, it is always a contest to see who can get the last word over the other. (Courtesy of BRIAN STEVENSON)


David is the middle brother of the three. Steve goes to David
for all kinds of advice, but mainly for help with his writing.

David developed a passion for writing after reading The
Canterbury Tales when he was younger. He says that he would pick up
a pen every time he had a thought or felt the need to write
something down.

He says that he and Steve have similar personalities. They both
tend to be shy, but are outgoing when around people they’re
comfortable with.

David on Steve: “We talk about careers. He’s
very interested in history and writing. He wants to go into
teaching kids; he loves kids. He loves joking around with them and
playing with them.”


Michael is the youngest of the three. Steve goes to Michael to
talk football. Michael played football before Steve at Woodland
Hills High School in North Braddock, Pa., and went on to play
college football, but not at the Division I level.

Michael says he watches everything that Steve does on the field.
He tries to support Steve by telling him that he’s working
hard and that practice makes perfect.

He says Steve asks him about everything from how he looked on a
particular play to whether a certain play was good or not.

Michael on Steve: “We were only three years apart,
so he would always want to tag along with us. We tried to leave him
sometimes, but he was always there.”


Brian is Steve’s oldest brother. He says Steve comes to
talk to him about everything else going on in his life besides
football and writing.

With two working parents, Brian says his job was to take care of
his brothers, and many times that meant acting like a father
figure. He had to make sure that everyone got to school on

Despite their age difference, Brian says that he and Steve
always act goofy when they get together.

Brian on Steve: “I still see him as that skinny
little brat running around looking for gummi bears and

“Nobody from our family has ever done anything like
he’s doing. I wish him the best, and I always want to make
sure he’s OK after a play where he gets hit.”


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