When one Eastern Michigan University student returned to his
University Towers apartment Sunday, he was surprised to find his
trash had been emptied while he was away over the weekend.

Beth Dykstra
Residents of University Towers enter the building yesterday evening. The building was the site of three recent apartment break-ins during the weekend. (RYAN WEINER/Daily)

But he was even more surprised to find about $6,500 in
electronics missing.

He later learned that two other apartments on the same floor
were robbed.

Ann Arbor Police Department deputy police chief Greg
O’Dell confirmed that three apartments on the same floor of
University Towers were broken into over the weekend.

Perhaps most surprising of all, the EMU student said, was the
fact that only one apartment appeared to have experienced forced

“The police officers said it was quite clear there was no
forced entry,” said the resident, who wished to remain

The resident added that the doors to the apartments
automatically lock when the door is shut. “It had to have
been somebody with a key.”

The resident speculated maintenance workers broke into the
apartments because they recently have been doing a lot of work on
one of the apartments that was robbed.

The case is still under investigation.

No one from the front desk at University Towers has approached
the resident to discuss the break-in or to apologize for the
incident, he said.

Although the resident will not lose any money because he has
homeowners’ insurance, he said the break-in still bothers

“It kind of pisses me off that you’re living here,
and the people that work here can break into your apartment,”
he said.

As of last night, residents in University Towers had not been
notified of the robberies.

“I guess that’s kind of irresponsible of them. I
think they should have notified us all by e-mail or by a
posting,” said Margaret Cassetto a University Tower resident
and Music School sophomore.

University Towers refused to comment on the incidents.

The resident — who assumes the three robberies took place
at the same time — said the thieves broke in sometime during
the day on Saturday.

“The guys in (the other apartment) came back around 5:30
p.m. Saturday, and that’s when they noticed their stuff was
gone,” he said.

Two laptops, 200 CDs, several DVDs, computer speakers, a
backpack and a calculator was stolen.

After realizing that someone had broken into their apartment,
the resident immediately called the police.

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