Wrapping up her sixth year on the Ann Arbor City Council, Democrat Margie Teall will seek another term in the November general election. As the only name on the primary ballot for Ward 4, Teall said she’s looking forward to tackling some of her constituents ongoing concerns.

Teall represents the Southwest area of the city, which includes the neighborhoods near lower Burns Park, Pioneer High School and Allmendinger Park located near Michigan Stadium.

With student housing interspersed throughout much of her ward, Teall said she has had to deal with issues between city residents and undergraduates who live on the same block.

Teall said a number of single-family homes in her ward have been converted to rental units in recent years. That change has raised concerns from nearby residents, particularly when grassy backyards are converted into paved parking lots for student tenants.

Despite concerns about maintaining the character and feel of some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods, though, Teall said she has managed to help students and families come together.

“There’s been a real positive growth in the area of neighborhoods kind of coming together and wanting to work with students that live in their neighborhood,” Teall said.

As for other student housing concerns, Teall said she is opposed to the 25-story development planned South University Avenue. Though she said new housing options are always beneficial for students, she said the scale of the construction was too large compared to buildings in the surrounding area.

With regard to some of the more recent issues handled by the city council, Teall said she was in favor of allowing backyard chickens and is a sponsor of the initiative to ban plastic bags at major grocery stores throughout the city.

In addition to serving on the city council, Teall is a member of the Downtown Development Authority Partnerships committee, the city’s Environmental Commission and the Housing and Human Services Advisory Board.

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