After it was reported that a student told a University employee she was sexually assaulted on Feb. 15, University Police are now saying that two other students were also sexually assaulted by the same student in his Zaragon Place apartment.

According to a University Police crime alert sent Wednesday, the students reported they were sexually assaulted after being served alcohol and passing out at parties that were thrown at the seventh-floor apartment.

The two students, who attended parties in September 2012, said when they awoke, they were being sexually assaulted. In the most recent case, the student reported that the suspect inappropriately grabbed her.

University Police spokeswoman Diane Brown said the crime alert was sent out after the student in the Feb. 15 case agreed to file a report with the Ann Arbor Police Department, which has jurisdiction over the case because it occurred off campus. The student had initially reported the assault to a University employee, but did not want to file a police report.

The other two students have not yet filed police reports.

The suspect has been identified as a 31-year-old Asian male with short black hair and brown eyes. He is between 5’6” and 5’7” tall and weighs 140 pounds. According to the description, he looks younger than his actual age.

The two other students have not filed a report with AAPD, but they did report the assaults to University employees.

Brown said Ann Arbor Police have made initial contact with the suspect, but he has not been arrested at this point in the investigation.

LSA senior Guanheng Wu, a resident of the seventh floor, said the reported apartment hosts parties regularly.

Wu’s roommate, LSA senior Brian Cutler, doesn’t know any of the residents of the reported apartment, adding that people on the floor generally keep to themselves.

LSA junior Brian Kulick, another resident of the seventh floor said he was surprised an incident like this could occur in his apartment building, but added people should be careful at parties regardless of the party’s location.

“Everyone should take away that we need to keep an eye out for each other at parties,” Kulick said.

LSA and Kinesiology junior Mallory Campbell, an eighth-floor resident of Zaragon Place said she believes building management should evict the suspect in order to ensure the safety of the buildings residents.

“It’s pretty scary to think that someone living in my apartment is sexually assaulting people,” Campbell said. “It’s a little bit scary to think that I could be on an elevator with him.”

The University’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Michigan Union. It also offers a 24-hour crisis line at (734) 936-3333.

Daily News Editor Katie Burke contributed reporting.

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