Your campus commute may be more dangerous than you previously thought.

At about 10:30 a.m. Saturday, three students fell out of the rear-side door of a Blue Bus headed to Michigan Stadium, according to University Police.

The bus was heading westbound on Huron Street and was turning onto southbound Fletcher Street. It’s suspected that the weight of the 60 or so students on board shifted and caused the door to open, police reported.

The three students were taken to the University Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries and police reported Sunday that all three have been released.

Police determined that the incident was not due to operator error or from excessive speed and said they didn’t know if the bus was over capacity. Many University buses are modified to have significant standing room.

LSA freshman Tristan MacKethan was on the bus at the time of the incident. He said the bus was packed with the usual amount of students for a game day, and he did not see anyone standing past the yellow line that cautions riders to stay away from the door.

“As we went around a turn going left, people were pushed to the right of the bus … three people were pushed against the door, the doors were pushed open and three people fell out,” MacKethan said.

He said the bus stopped a short distance from where the students fell out, and someone called 911. Ambulances arrived on the scene about two or three minutes later.

MacKethan accompanied two of the victims to the hospital, but said students were able to take other buses to the football game.

“Two of the girls are back in our dorm and they’re OK after they were treated,” he said.

As of Sunday evening, the Daily wasn’t able to reach the two victims to which MacKethan referred.

The investigation to determine the cause of the accident is still pending, police said. The bus has been removed from service for evaluation of a mechanical failure, and it’s not yet clear when the bus will be back in service.

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