NOTRE DAME This was not a storybook ending. With 37 seconds left on the clock, senior Anne Thorius her career at Michigan already effectively over with Notre Dame leading 86-54 was called for a double-dribble.

Paul Wong
One final drive for the road for senior Anne Thorius, who played her final game in a Michigan uniform yesterday.<br><br>Marjorie Marshall/Daily

When she slammed the ball down on the court in knowing-frustration, it was an exclamation point on a disappointing game for the Wolverines.

“I don”t think that is something that should happen considering how long I”ve played,” Thorius said. “It just kind of concludes what happened in the entire game our turnovers and missed opportunities.”

The unquestioned leader of the team could not rise up against the almighty Fighting Irish. She could not lift her teammates or herself, with one of her poorer outings of the year.

The 32.9 shooting percentage for Michigan was in part due to her 2-for-9 performance, mustering just five points. Although she can smile at her six assists, her seven turnovers didn”t help the Wolverines” ball control.

“If you have to look at it from the positive side, I had the opportunity to play my last game at Michigan against the number-one team in the country,” she said.

But this loss will not be her legacy.

Michigan came in as heavy underdogs going into the home of the No. 2 team in the country. Anyone who looks back on the Wolverines” history will dismiss this game for what it is an understandable loss.

And anyone who looks back and remembers Thorius will recognize what she has truly meant to the Michigan program.

“She”s had some very good games for us and she”s been a great building block for us,” Michigan coach Sue Guevara said. “I feel bad for her. We got drilled and sometimes that”s the last thing you remember and you can”t think about that. Think about all the good things that you”ve accomplished”

Before the point guard traveled to Michigan from her home of Horsholm, Denmark, the Wolverines finished eighth or lower in the Big Ten for seven consecutive years. Then the Thorius era began as she started every game in her freshman year.

In the four years with the offense under her control, Michigan has made four consecutive trips to the postseason, including three NCAA appearances.

Statistically speaking, Thorius left her mark all over the record books as the first Michigan player with 500 assists, 1000 points and 400 rebounds. The benefits Michigan received from Thorius were reciprocated as she developed in the four years with the program.

“I”ve just grown through this whole experience. It”s been amazing,” she said. “I could never just put this behind me.”

She already accomplished her dream at Michigan of playing in the United States but she”s not so sure she”s ready to stop yet.

“I always thought I”d want to go back to Europe and play, but I”m not so keen on the idea anymore,” Thorius said. “The WNBA is definitely a number one dream right now. If not, I”m just looking for a job like any other senior in college.”

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