Each passing week brings with it a greater sense of frustration while watching the reality show “Survivor.” Is it just me or are these people not interesting? Perhaps we were spoiled by the nonsensical madness of Greg the first go round. Maybe it was the undeniable bitch Jerri on “Survivor 2” that made the program so addictive. Who do we have now to draw us to channel 14 on our cable box Thursday nights?

Paul Wong
LSA junior Sarah Ashcroft enjoys the weather and smokes a cigarette yesterday afternoon in the Diag.<br><br>JONATHON TRIEST/Daily

While I admit to a certain bias, (Carl was my favorite “character” in the African melodrama) the ratings tend to favor my analysis. Although gaining viewers from the previous week, “Survivor” is still millions of fans short of “Friends”” numbers. Executive producer Mark Burnett has hinted at unique “twists” to occur in the coming weeks, but will it be enough to make viewers switch from the peacock to the eye?

Back to Carl. For the second week in a row Tribal Council ended with an unforeseen stinger ending for both fans and contestants. As predicted, Samburu took its first hit and dropped a member. Party lines were drawn in the sand and allegiances stayed firm up until Tribal Council. Silas declared once and for all his association with the generation X-ers Lindsey, Brandon and Kim. With nobody backing down “Survivor: Africa” had its first tie in the voting. After another tie the contest came down to a series of fifth grade science questions.

Boran not only won the Immunity Idol but also took home a lavish reward to their camp. A 100-gallon canister of water will prove its immense value over the next few weeks. Hydration should keep the tribe better equipped in the physical challenges Lindsey proved last week the problems created by insufficient water consumption. Boran also has the mental edge having finally won immunity. Things could not be worse for their opponents who are feuding within rather than against the other tribe. Samburu put on their own rendition of “West Side Story” last week, the Jets being the older generation and the Sharks being the kids of Kenya. We all know when you”re a Jet you”re a Jet all the way, but Silas seemed doubtful of his Shark heritage until it came down to the votes. After the Shark victory Brandon, Kim, Lindsey and Silas became safe up until the merger three weeks from now. Should their alliance stay intact following the merge, the four slackers will find themselves competing against one another for the million dollar prize.

Samburu will lose for the second week in a row, evening up the numbers on both sides. With the younger alliance in control, the victim list can be narrowed down to Frank, Linda and Teresa. Frank is the biggest asset to the tribe of the seniors his physical attributes far exceed both Linda and Teresa. While Linda has been vocal in the tribal feud, Teresa has been the quietest of the elders. The three will be picked off one by one when needed. It is oh so simple when you break it down scientifically. No trickery this week, Linda is the next to go.

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