Voters anxiously seeking alternatives to the Democratic and Republican parties may find themselves in agreement with what supporters say is the fastest growing new political party in America – The Natural Law Party. The NLP, founded in order to “bring the light of science into politics,” prides itself in offering new ideas, new principles and new solutions to America’s current problems.

“The Natural Law Party is scientific method applied to society’s problems,” said Douglas Dern, NLP candidate for the U.S. Senate.

“America’s problems are human problems – crime, drug dependency, domestic violence – even pollution result from a narrowness of vision that fails to comprehend life’s essential unity,” explained John Hagelin, the NLP’s presidential candidate in a written statement. “The only way we can overcome these problems is though the expansion of consciousness – education that actualizes the full potential of the brain.”

Candidates say that it is time for a change in the way that the current American administration is being run. “Governmental theory and policy are rooted in obsolete 19th century principles,” Hagelin said. Dern said that these changes are simply a part of evolution.

“Our country is in the state it is in because many of our leaders have forgotten that in order to survive we must follow the natural laws of our existence,” said Kathleen Oakford, candidate for the Board of Governors of Wayne State University, in a written statement.

Applying the abstract ideas of this party to concrete problems facing the state of Michigan, Dern emphasized the importance of finding alternatives to fossil fuels. “By buying foreign oil, we are funding terrorism,” he said. Dern added that Michigan has the potential of being on “the cutting edge of an alternative fuel car.”

Dern said the NLP does not view issues as simply problems and solutions, but rather changes that need to occur in the way that individuals view things.

“The Natural Law Party believes that society’s consciousness should change,” Dern said.

For example, instead of focusing on abortion, “why not focus on ways to completely eliminate unwanted pregnancies,” Dern said.

The main goal of the NLP during this election is to get 1 percent of the vote in order to stay on the ballot.

Dern also said the NLP has plans to form a third party coalition in order to compete with the other two parties and raise awareness that voters have more than one choice.

“Then people can vote on candidates for who they are,” he said.

Michigan’s other NLP candidates include Michael Kitchen for the State Board of Education and David Arndt for the University Board of Regents.

“The problems of world peace can only be solved from this most basic level,” the Student Natural Law Party Club stated on its website.

“When the people are in tune with natural law, the community no longer violates the laws of nature; then the country gains the support of natural law, and the world rises to a life free from suffering.”

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