The 1999 movie “Election” paints a pretty good picture of how petty, insipid and meaningless high school student council elections can be. Every election seems to have a psychotic and overly ambitious Tracy Flick, determined to garner votes and come out on top at any cost. Every high school election has flashy and vapid campaign posters and resum stuffing hopefuls who invest their lives passing out pins and candy to get votes.

But we”re all college students, right? Wrong. Apparently members of the Blue Party should be sent back to high school where they can run in an election, without annoying the rest of campus with yet another campaign scandal. Last night, two members of the Blue Party were tossed out and ten were issued three demerits for misconduct (candidates issued five demerits are kicked-out of the election). The candidates are appealing the decision. A report obtained by the Daily details how candidates illegally entered campus buildings before they were opened in order to get campaign posters up before anyone else.

After the Students” Party/Beta Theta Pi “shots for votes” scandal of 1998, the online voter fraud in 1999 and the Chip Englander/Wolverine Party “coerced voting” debacle in spring of 2000, the alleged Blue Party “break-in” of 2001 shows how pathetic student government elections have become. Why should the students take student government seriously? There are better, more socially beneficial ways to pad a resum.

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